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Oklahoma Cadet named to university Hall of Fame

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by Furman “Neil” Neeley
U.S. Army Cadet Command Public Affairs

TAHLEQUAH, Okla. – Cadet Kryistal Sanders-Patrick, a senior at Northeastern State University and a member of the Army ROTC program here, has been selected for induction into the NSU Hall of Fame. Each year, the university recognizes top students, athletic teams or student organizations with the award.

The Hall of Fame award is a collaborative effort and is recognition of all four years at this institution,” said Maj. Mike Higgins, assistant professor of military science, at Northeastern State. “In order to be voted in, the individual has to have maintained a reputation for doing great things throughout all four years of attendance at the university.”

Higgins explained that to be considered, the individual first has to be nominated as a “superior senior” by a faculty member. Sanders-Patrick was so nominated by Higgins. The Hall of Fame nomination was then voted on and approved by the administration and faculty on campus.

“Sanders-Patrick has character without reproach,” said Higgins. “She’s the first one to volunteer for anything and she does everything to the highest standards. She’s intelligent and has a lot of perseverance. She doesn’t stop at the first obstacle when she’s given a mission. This reflects itself in her school work as she has an extremely good grade point average.”



“It also shows itself in her affiliations — organizations that she she’s a part of here on campus. Not just ROTC, but also religious organizations and honor societies here on campus.”

Higgins said it’s a humbling experience to walk across campus with Sanders-Patrick because everybody on campus knows her and speaks very highly of her.

“It’s been a pleasure to work with Kryistal,” said Higgins. “I hope to be a mentor to her and maintain contact with her. She’s going to have a fantastic career – one without limitations.”

Sanders-Patrick credits Army ROTC for her success.

“Learning leadership and teamwork … in ROTC has really helped with the achievements that I’ve made,” she said. “ROTC has enhanced the things outside of the program — with the community and academic participation — that have made me a leader. If I were not in Army ROTC I’d still be pursuing an academic degree, but I wouldn’t posses the leadership traits that I do now.”

Sanders-Patrick was recently commissioned as a second lieutenant in military intelligence.


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May 13, 2009 at 9:17 pm

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