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by Forrest Berkshire
U.S. Army Cadet Command Public Affairs

Note: this article updates a previous news item in the News-Leader, the former Eastern Region newsletter.

The ROTC community is expanding into the World Wide Web.

It’s already there, in a fractured, helter-skelter form scattered across a hodgepodge of social media sites like Facebook and YouTube initiated by Cadets and cadre.

But with a new effort launched this month, Cadet Command now offers its own social media site called ROTCLink at

“There is a lot they are doing,” said Glenn Landauer, account executive with MRM Worldwide, the firm contracted to develop the site. “The trend is people want to come together, and they’re doing it.”

The idea is to bring it all under one virtual roof on a site similar to platforms the Cadets are already familiar with, but tailored to their specific needs.

“This is not a recruiting site,” Landauer said.

The only people who can sign up are those with a e-mail, to maintain exclusivity to Cadets and military personnel. In the near future, the site will be opened to those users with a .edu e-mail account. A .edu account must be approved by an administrator at the battalion to confirm eligibility, thus allowing MS I and II Cadets to participate.

The setup of the site is typical to other social media sites. A person joins and creates a profile with his or her name, interests, battalion and other information.

From this page they have access to the community. When they log in they are taken to the front page, which is constantly updated with the latest posts. There are several sections, each with its own functions:

The Cadets and Alumni section allows users to browse other people’s profiles, with specific filters to narrow their searches among alumni, Cadets, recently logged-in or new members or Cadets in their battalion.

The Battalions tab lists every battalion in a list with links to their home pages, which can be sorted by brigade or state.

The Groups tab lists user-created groups. These can range the gamut of Cadets’ interests, from fans of certain movies to favorite sports. The groups are a sort of self-identification, Landauer said. One current group on the site is about preparation for LDAC, with cadre dispensing useful advice for MS IIIs.

The Forums section is also user-generated, but is designed to promote discussion, as opposed to the groups section that allows people to share similarities in tastes and interests.

The site also features a job search function partnered with tailored to military and ROTC graduates.

“The goal isn’t to restrict it, but to let them do what they want,” Landauer said.


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May 18, 2009 at 1:47 pm

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